Jameson: The Heart of Smithfield

Oscars Smithfield Standing in the shadows of the Jameson Distillery Distillery

Down the meandering path of Bow Lane, directly across from
us at Oscars, lies the true soul of Irish Whiskey; the Jameson Distillery.
Probably one of the newest examples of a Celtic tradition, Jameson was made
what it is today through the work of a Scotsman, John Jameson, and generations
of Irish families.

Established in 1780, it wasn’t until the arrival of John
Jameson, a Scotsman fresh off the boat, that the distillery took its final form
and began producing the internationally renowned Irish Whiskey we know and love
today. In 1886 John became the general manager of the distillery, a position he
held until 1805, when he finally became the owner of the company and began
expanding. It wasn’t until 1810 that the distillery would take his name.

Having developed a range of the highest end whiskeys the
world has to offer, its no accident that in 2017, 70% of the whiskey market in
the United States was Jameson produced to the highest quality standards.

The tour is fantastic; informative, mighty craic, and they
throw in a few tasters for good measure, leaving you to leave with a warmth, a
proper Irish tradition in and of itself.

Want more? Follow the lane to the cobbled square, and cross
the stone path to Oscars, where you’ll find the three essentials; quality food
(soakage), more Jameson (well now..) and the opportunity to give the
competition a chance (you can’t claim it’s the best until you know for sure!).
We’ll even throw in some free tap water to keep you hydrated.


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